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Fuel Stands with Ukraine

Ukrainians will never forget the events of February 24, 2022. Russia began a large military invasion of Ukraine.

Fuel is proudly created in Ukraine. Our team is safe, and we do our best to continue our service. We donate funds, volunteer, and manage Ukrainian business finance to help the Ukrainian economy.

We even launched a separate emergency page for Ukrainian SMBs to help them navigate the crisis.

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Here are some ways you can help Ukraine 🇺🇦

The National Bank Of Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine has decided to open a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Save Life Foundation

Save Life is a charitable foundation providing aid to the Armed Forces, military training deps, veteran associations, and independent media.


Nova Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

The goal of this fundraiser is to provide humanitarian aid for Ukraine and soften the impact of the crisis on the lives of ordinary people.

Join the Fundraiser

Upcoming rallies

Join the protesters to support Ukraine and demand actions to stop Russian military aggression.



Use this hashtag on your social media to indicate your support and drive the world’s attention to the cause.

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